Kinja Legal
Kinja Legal
This is a platform for User Generated Content. G/O Media assumes no liability for content posted by Kinja users to this platform.

Content Guidelines


Welcome to Kinja, where you own the story.

All we ask from our users is that they follow a few simple rules.

Carefully select your username. Your username is no place to attack or impersonate others.


Don’t try to break our site.

Don’t post spam. If you’re interested in using our platform for promotional purposes, talk to us first.


Don’t publish your porn site on Kinja. We fully embrace NSFW items, but there’s a line.

Respect the privacy of others.

Make sure you own the rights to anything you post.

If you believe that a user has broken any of these rules, please let us know.

(And of course, all users must follow our Terms of Use.)


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